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About Transitional Forms

Scientists and archeologists are always looking for proof of evolution in fossil transitional forms.  A transitional form is one that is between groups of animals, for example, a fish with legs.

I searched on the internet about transitional forms, and found some web sites that indeed claim that there is proof.  They have descriptions of the animals and some have pictures.

When I looked at these, there were a lot of strange looking fish and animals, but when I looked at them closely, I couldn’t find any that were definitive proof of true transitional forms.  They seemed mostly like just extinct animals.  If you want to see for yourself, look at ‘List of Transitional Fossils’  on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_transitional_fossils).

The main evidence evolutionists point to is Archaeopteryx, claiming that it is a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds. University of California Museum of Paleontology (ucmp.berkeley.edu) says that “unlike all living birds, Archaeopteryx had a full set of teeth, a flat sternum, a long bony tail and three claws on the wing”.

Actually, the article later back pedals, saying “living birds, except for flightless birds like the ostrich and kiwi, have a keeled sternum”.  At first the article says that Archaeopteryx has a flat sternum UNLIKE all living birds, then says that flightless living birds DO have a flat sternum.

Hesperornis, an extinct animal known to be a bird, also had teeth.  The ostrich, touraco and hoatzin have claws on their wings.  A long bony tail is not seen in modern birds, but I would say that this is not conclusive proof of a transitional form.

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