Hard Questions About the Bible

Evolution Accepted as Truth

The Theory of Evolution is accepted by many scientists and institutions.  The Creation Story in the Bible is accepted by the Christian Church.  How can both think they’re right?

In doing research, scientists use what is called the ‘scientific method’.  The main steps are:

Define a question

Gather information (Observe)

Form an explanatory hypothesis

Test the hypothesis by performing an experiment and collecting data

Analyze the data

Interpret the data and draw conclusions

When defining a question, scientists start with a pre-conceived notion which influences what the question will be.  That pre-conceived notion also influences what they look for and how they interpret the data.

In researching evolution, scientists discount the possibility of God, so they naturally look for other reasons to explain their data.  The problem is, often times their theories run counter to known scientific laws, so they come up with other theories to explain the conflict.

For example, evolution runs counter to the Law of Biogenesis (See previous article).  How do they explain it?  They would say that evolution happened over billions of years and conditions on earth were different then.  But there is no scientific proof of this.

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