Hard Questions About the Bible

Actually, they are, sort of.

First of all, the term ‘dinosaur’ wasn’t coined until the 1880s, so you wouldn’t find it in the Bible.  But, dinosaurs may be mentioned in the Biblical book of Job.

It is thought that the Book of Job took place between the time of Noah and Moses.  Whatever the time period, it mentions behemoth and leviathan.  (Job 40-41)  The behemoth feeds on grass, and has a tail which ‘sways like a cedar’.  A cedar tree can grow up to 200 feet.  Sounds a lot like an apatosaurus, or similar dinosaur.  The leviathan is described as a fearsome water creature.

Scientists say that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, before man.  But the Bible says God created man, then the animals.

Dinosaur fossils have been found around the world.  I searched online and found articles about large dinosaur fossil deposits in China and France.  That’s interesting, because Chinese and European culture does have stories and symbols of large reptiles much like dinosaurs, they’re called dragons.  Is it possible that people actually lived among dragons that were really dinosaurs?

I also searched about fossil fuels, and while scientists believe that fossil fuels mainly came from plants and marine life, it is interesting that the largest deposits of oil in the world are in the Middle East, where the Bible says that life originated in the Garden of Eden.

Could dinosaurs have been on Noah’s ark?  The ark was at least 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 3 stories high.  A T-Rex is believed to have been 16 feet tall and 45 feet long, so theoretically, it could have fit.

One last thought about dinosaurs in the Bible.  The Bible doesn’t mention elephants, giraffes, hippos, or other large animals, so it’s not surprising that dinosaurs are not prominently mentioned.  At least it’s something interesting to think about.

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