Hard Questions About the Bible

I’m Glad That Works for You

I’ve heard people who don’t want to hear about Christianity say, “I’m glad that works for you”, meaning the Christian shouldn’t impose their ideas on them, that they’re fine the way they are.  In my life, I knew that most of the time I took God for granted, but when things went wrong, when a family member got sick, for example, I suddenly started praying to God.

When things are ok, people usually don’t need God, but when things go wrong, they suddenly turn to God.  When life is good, when people are prosperous, it’s easy to think that they are in control, that they worked for it and deserve it, they find strength within themselves, and they don’t need God to help them.  But the reality is that life is not always controllable, sometimes you are in a situation where you are at the end of your rope, then what do you do?

I’ve heard that people in poorer Christian countries are more likely to believe in God, in miracles, the work of the devil, etc. Someone that I know from the Philippines told me that the reason people in America don’t experience as many miracles, is because Americans don’t believe as much in miracles, I thought that was interesting.

Christians believe that God is in control of everything.  That may be a scary thought, or it may be comforting.  Christians also believe that you can know God better by reading the Bible.  They can gain strength from God because they know that their own strength has limits, and that if you accept Jesus as savior,  you’re assured of your future in heaven.

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