Hard Questions About the Bible

What About Natural Selection?

A big part of the Theory of Evolution is the idea that certain organisms have traits that enable them to survive better than others.  This is called Natural Selection, or Survival of the Fittest.  Does Natural Selection exist?

Yes it does.  For example, an animal in a cold environment will more likely survive if it has a furry coat.  Also sometimes insects can become immune to pesticides.

I looked up ‘natural selection’ in Wikipedia.  Charles Darwin explained it this way, “Each slight variation of a trait, if useful, is preserved”.   Basically, it means that organisms best adapted to their environments are more likely to survive and reproduce.

Natural selection does exist, but it’s a longer stretch to say that it leads to higher life forms.  Actually, Darwin himself, in a letter written in 1860, regretted the use of the term ‘natural selection, preferring the term ‘natural preservation’.

People seem to believe that natural selection is the same as evolution, and that it proves evolution, but it’s not, and proving evolution would require more than animals adapting and surviving in their environment.

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