Hard Questions About the Bible

Evolution of Animals

The Theory of Evolution says that all life on earth started from single celled organisms, and over the course of billions of years, evolved to higher forms of life.  How do evolutionists explain this?

For one thing, the assumption is, that if it happened over the course of billions of years, anything is possible.  Evolutionists might say that “Conditions on Earth were different back then”.  But can they prove this scientifically?  I haven’t found any proof of this, but I encourage people to do their own research.  Without proof, evolutionists only have assumptions or theories.

Another way evolutionists may explain evolution is that mutations led to the formation of higher forms.  I looked up mutation in Wikipedia.org, and in simple terms, it said that a mutation is a change in the DNA sequence of a cell.  Most mutations are harmful, for example, causing cancer.  Some mutations are neutral or beneficial, but the beneficial mutations were about adaptation to the environment, a mutation that helped the organism survive.

A beneficial mutation may help an organism survive, but I couldn’t find any conclusive proof that a mutation created a higher life form.

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