Hard Questions About the Bible

What About Creation?

The story of Creation is probably the one that most skeptics point to in trying to disprove the Bible.  According to scientific theories, the universe was formed by a ‘big bang’, then life on earth evolved over billions of years.

According to the Bible, God created the earth, animals and man in six days.  It went like this (Genesis 1):

1st day – God said, “Let there be light”, He separated light from darkness, and called them day and night.

2nd day – God separated water with an an expanse, and called the expanse ‘sky’.

3rd day – God gathered the water, and let dry ground appear.  Then God let the land produce vegetation.

4th day – God created the sun, moon and stars to light the sky.

5th day – God created birds and sea creatures.

6th day – God created land animals and man.

The Biblical explanation sounds simplistic and doesn’t explain much in detail, especially from a scientific standpoint.  In my opinion, it’s no wonder it’s such an easy target for skeptics.  But I want to point out a couple of things.

The scientific theories are just that, theories.  If you do some research, there is actually no conclusive scientific proof that the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution are true.  Also, these theories are based on the assumption that the universe and life were products of random combinations of energy and matter, over the course of billions of years.

The Biblical story of Creation assumes that the universe and life were products of intelligent design.  In my opinion, it’s easy to see intelligent design by just thinking about the complexity of the human body.  Also, the Bible emphasizes that God was the creative force, directing the events, and had feelings about it. “God saw that it was good”.

So even though the Bible describes creation in a basic, unscientific way, it was created by an intelligent designer who cared about his creation.

So the bottom line is this – would you rather believe that the world was created by random events, or by intelligent design?

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