Hard Questions About the Bible

After the Great Flood, all the people living at the time were destroyed, except Noah and his family.  So, according to the Bible, all the subsequent generations of people are descended from Noah’s three sons, Japheth, Ham and Shem.

Genesis 10 lists the ‘Table of Nations’, the descendants of the three sons who form all the people of the earth.  When I first read this, it seemed a little preposterous, but the fact that the Bible even has this information made me curious.

The names in the table are unfamiliar, like Gomer, Magog, Cush, Uz, etc.  But if you search about this on the internet, you will find studies of how these descendants became the different nations.

Japheth’s descendants are the European people.  Ham’s descendants are the African,  Asian and Arab people.  Shem’s descendants are the Jews, Arab and Middle Eastern people.

Japhetic is a synonym for Caucasian, from the area of Caucasus, which actually is just north of Mt. Ararat, where Noah’s Ark landed.  So Japheth’s descendants went north.

Cush, Mizraim and other sons of Ham are associated with Egypt and African countries.  The Sinites may be the ancestors of the Chinese people, evidence of this may be in the root word ‘sin’, as in ‘Sino-American relations’.

Eber, descendant of Shem, is thought to be the father of the Jews, also called Hebrews, note the root word ‘eber’.

This is just a very brief listing of evidence, but enough to make me think.

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