Hard Questions About the Bible

Adam Lived 930 Years?

I thought I found the first hole in the Bible in Genesis 5:5, where it says that Adam lived 930 years.  I thought that this is incredulous, after all, what’s the average life span of people today? 75 years?  It sounds too ridiculous to think that Adam lived 930 years.  Not only that, but in the geneology that follows Adam, Seth lived 912 years,  Enosh lived 905 years, you get the idea.  Also, Adam and Eve bore Seth when they were both 130 years old.  Can you imagine a 130 year old couple today having a child?

As I said, I was kind of laughing to myself about all this, but I kept reading. Actually, I didn’t come up with a plausible explanation til much later, but since I brought it up, I’m going to share it here.  This is not a scientific explanation, it’s just someone reading the Bible, thinking, “This might make sense”.

I DID think that Adam living for 930 years was kind of unbelievable.  But I thought, ok, the world was probably very different way way back in the day.  Everything was brand new, pure, pristine, unpolluted – unlike today.  Maybe it WAS possible for people to live so long in those days, for sure they ate healthier and exercised more than people do today.  I thought of newborn babies, and how pure and unpolluted their bodies start out.  Then you start adding fat, salt, sugar, additives, pesticides and modern day stress.

At this point I was willing to ‘suspend my disbelief’ as they say in the movies.  I wasn’t going to judge til I read more.

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